I-MOCCA regatta at Nantucket 18th April 2021

Today we held our second I-MOCCA regatta at NYC as part of the collaboration between St. Aubrey and Nantucket Yacht Club. And what a race it was…

We needed 3 people today to keep the tourists away from the racers!! Justin, August and Heather took that responsibility. A VERY BIG THX for that!!

We started with 7 boats for the first race. Unfortunately Bianca and Massimo crashed. Other than that the weather was pretty decent…especially considering all the parked tourists around the course with their heavily scripted vehicles.
In the second race we lost Ian…he lost the cam first and then he crashed completely. After returning his boat was returned so there was no way to continue the race for him.

No penalties were given during the race. Everybody behaved perfectly even though the I-Mocca is a big boat and you would expect the occasional foul, but none of that today. There was no barging on the start and room was given at the marks. The racers showed great sportmanship. Well done!

Unfortunately I had to disqualify Dae after the second race. Dae changed to port tack right before crossing the finish line, cutting off Bianca resulting in a collision right before the line. Since there was no time for a penalty, I decided on a disqualification since Bianca was disadvantaged heavily because of this action based on the following rules:

  • Rule 10 - On OPPOSITE TACKS, a port-tack boat shall keep clear of a starboard-tack boat.
  • Rule 14 - A boat shall AVOID CONTACT with another boat if reasonably possible.
    Dae is a RD herself. I’m sure she would have taken the same decision.

Congratulations to Dae for her win of the first race and Bianca on the second and a BIG thank you for all the racers that took the time to come race with us :slight_smile:

Wind for course 134 was 180 degrees at 18 lts, variations 2 gusts 3. For course 133 it slowed down a bit to 170 degrees at 15 kts, variations 2 gusts 3 with a slight variation during both courses to 175 degrees at 15kts, variations 2 gusts 3.



Race Results:
1: blondij Resident IDBSC2E7 – 00:14:40
2: IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D – 00:15:23
3: moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E – 00:16:52
4: Kim Farleigh IDBS9C6D – 00:18:31
5: filax Carter IDBS71EC – 00:19:31
6: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – not Finished
7: MrMekMax Resident IDBS6F4B – not Finished

Lap Times:
blondij Resident IDBSC2E7 – Start: 00:00:05 – Last lap: 00:14:35
IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D – Start: 00:00:14 – Last lap: 00:15:09
moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E – Start: 00:00:10 – Last lap: 00:16:42
Kim Farleigh IDBS9C6D – Start: 00:00:31 – Last lap: 00:18:00
filax Carter IDBS71EC – Start: 00:00:57 – Last lap: 00:18:34
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:04 – Last lap: not finished
MrMekMax Resident IDBS6F4B – Start: 00:00:50 – Last lap: not finished


Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – 00:16:38
2: moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E – 00:20:18
3: Kim Farleigh IDBS9C6D – 00:24:41
5: IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D – not Finished
-: blondij Resident IDBSC2E7 – DSQ

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:03 – Last lap: 00:16:35
moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E – Start: 00:00:18 – Last lap: 00:20:00
Kim Farleigh IDBS9C6D – Start: 00:00:42 – Last lap: 00:23:59
IanPixel Resident IDBSC92D – Start: 00:00:11 – Last lap: not finished
blondij Resident IDBSC2E7 – Start: 00:00:09 – DSQ


That brings the Overall Standing for the St AR - NYC 2021 I-Mocca60V2.8 Championship to after 5 races to:

Ian - 33(5)
Daenerys - 27(3)
Moon - 19(5)
Larry - 15(3)
Jenna - 10(2)
Nicole - 7(2)
Kim - 7(3)
Sirius - 5(3)
Sea - 2(1)
Viv - 1(1)
MrMekMax - 1(1)
Juicy - 1(2)

Hope to see you all next week at St. Aubrey!



Congrats Serena, Justin and August,
you did an awesome job with keeping the area clean for racing.
It was just a slalom through 2 submarines, 5-6 BBX yachts and several other boats with different sizes on my testruns some hours before.

Hugsa and kisses

Sorry Heather,
i forgot you in the list. Thank you very much as well for your work yesterday

Great job Serena, thank you very much for RDing this regatta.