Laser One Race series - 3 round - Tortuga Nude Beach

Thank you for coming to the third round of the Laser One race.

Congratulations to Bianca and Nihiwatu for their respective victories.

Racers > Bianca - Juicy - Nihiwatu - Amy

Exciting races at high speeds due to the 21-knot wind blowing from the southwest, and which has allowed us in some stretches to reach speeds of 15 knots.


In TNB03, Nihi takes first place in the start followed by Juicy, Amy and Bianca. In the section towards the blue buoy Bianca catches me and passes just a few meters before the 1st buoy. After the first turn Bianca and Amy catch Juicy and pass him, Bianca and Amy pull the dagger from their respective Laser One and reach speeds of 15 knots in this stretch, which allows us to catch Nihi before the sapphire buoy. In this buoy Bianca gets right behind Nihi, and here they start a very exciting duel. Amy loses a bit of speed by making a small mistake on the purple buoy, and sees Bianca and Nihi sailing away a bit. We turn the red buoy all three, in a lapse of 7 seconds, Bianca begins her escape to the finish line alone. Amy reduces distance with Nihi as she lifts the dagger from the One laser and again achieves high speed. Nihi manages to keep his distance from Amy in the second turn of the blue buoy, and so they reach the end. Juicy makes his solitary run to the end. Congratulations to Bianca for her brilliant race, despite having come out last.


Only Amy achieve to end the course. Nihi and Juicy loaded a wrong course.
I suspended the result because they ran the wrong race.


Juicy manages to reach the first two buoys leading the race, until Amy catches her just in the turn on the scratched yellow buoy, pulls back the dagger from her Laser One and escapes at high speed to the sapphire buoy, Nihi catches Juicy a little later. From here the distances get bigger and bigger and each of the participants reaches the finish line leaving a good handful of seconds with what will come behind.

See you in the next race !

If any want know tricks to go more fast with the Laser One, I can explain, only come here saturday two hours before the race, and Amy get you a lessons.


TNB03 >

Race1 > TNB03 > South West - 225° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – 00:08:09
2: Nihiwatu Resident IDBSA520 – 00:08:25
3: juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – 00:09:42
4: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – 00:08:51 > my result does not count

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:19 – Last lap: 00:07:50
Nihiwatu Resident IDBSA520 – Start: 00:00:07 – Last lap: 00:08:18
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:17 – Last lap: 00:08:34
juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – Start: 00:00:12 – Last lap: 00:09:30

TNB02S - Short >

Race2 > TNB04S > South West - 225° - 21 Knots - V2

I suspended the result because they ran the wrong race.

Nihiwatu Resident > Loaded wrong course
juice651 Resident > Loaded wrong course

TNB04S - Short >

Race3 > TNB04S > South West - 225° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:

1: Nihiwatu Resident IDBSA520 – 00:08:44
2: juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – 00:10:27
3: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – 00:08:23 > my result does not count

Lap Times:
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:21 – Last lap: 00:08:02
Nihiwatu Resident IDBSA520 – Start: 00:00:02 – Last lap: 00:08:42
juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – Start: 00:00:10 – Last lap: 00:10:17

some photos before the first start at TNB03


Amy - Bianca - Juicy

Juicy with her habitual themed paint , and Bianca with New Zealand paint , both with Tell Tales Laser One version.


Yes the first race was exciting. I was a bit sleepy at the start. The practice at hotlaps last two weeks with the tell tales version helped me to understand that version and i could use that to pass one after another of them.
Shame i need to leave after the first race to get prepared for my dj set. These races there are exciting.