Laser One Race series - 4 round - Tortuga Nude Beach

Thank you for coming to the fourth round of the Laser One race.

Congratulations for Bianca and Justin for respective course win

This Saturday we had the following participants

TgBianca Resident
SteveLL Resident
Montserrat Naidoo
citacg Resident
juice651 Resident
VitorCr Barbosa
Penelope Debruyere > Crashed in the preparation, and she don’t cant back to take startline, We wait for you the next Saturday.

Exciting races at high speeds due to the 21-knot wind blowing from the south, and which has allowed us in some stretches to reach speeds of 15 knots.

Some pics from meeting before the start race

Justin and Amy

Penelope Debruyere

Ester - Bianca - Amy

Justin - Juicy - Bianca - Amy - Ester - Vitor


Race1 > TNB04 > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

The start of the first race was a bit crazy, with all the skippers trying a different path to reach the blue buoy, the only ones who found the right path were Bianca and Justin. that we reached the blue buoy and disputed the best place on the turn. behind came Amy and Ester fighting against the lag and accidentally colliding with each other briefly. Behind them were Juicy and Vitor, who started over earlier and had to turn to cross again. Bianca and Justin struggled to get the first position with position changes in some of the legs, finally Bianca managed to leave Justin behind and started her solo at the finish line. Amy dumps due to the Lag (screen freeze), on the green striped buoy. and wasted a lot of time getting to the blue-striped buoy, Esther can’t find the right path on the way to the blue-striped buoy and wasted time too. Juicy a little further back was crossing the buoys without much difficulty. Vitor got lost in the area of ​​the surf waves and tried to get back to the finish line by the wrong path. he finally flew back to take the start in the next race.

Race2 > TNB03 > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

In the second race, all the skippers found the right path to get to the blue buoy (thanks Bianca for lighting our way), so they all get there struggling to find a hole to crumble the boat, Bianca and Justin turn first, and all left behind, Amy who was the penultimate pull a little west and then turn northwest with the sail in position and the dagger raised, and advancing each and every one of them except Justin, to the yellow buoy Bianca and Amy fight to win the position, which is briefly in favor of Amy and Bianca scratched the boats a bit due to the lag, in the turn to the sapphire buoy, on the way to the purple buoy Bianca and Amy are fighting and Amy manages to win the position in the purple buoy, but Bianca rants the sail better and goes out like a rocket in Justin’s hunt. Bianca and Amy lift the dagger of the laser One and start flying towards the blue buoy, reaching in some stretch of the leg speeds of 15 knots, this speed allows them to hunt justin the blue buoy. In the turn Justin and Bianca taking different paths to get to leave the island starboard, moment that Amy takes advantage to hunt justin and pass it, already in the way to the yellow buoy Amy sees how Bianca has turned the yellow buoy, and Amy raises the dagger of the laser One to try to give Bianca hunts, Finally at the green buoy Bianca turns too late and finds herself on the path of the rocks, forcing her to make another tack to reach the blue buoy, Amy and Justin quickly turn to the green buoy and manage to pass by of the rocks without problems. but Bianca’s advantage over Amy and Justin was already great because they tried to catch her, so they finally reach the finish line in that order, Bianca - Amy - Justin.

Ester and Juicy have their own fight behind them, which is finally resolved in Juicy’s favor due to Ester’s capsize.
Vitor fight to learn how to sail with the laser one, You are brave !

Race3 > TNB07 > North - 360Β° - 18 Knots - V0

In the last race, the wind from the North surprises the skippers on the way to the yellow buoy, Amy capsizes, Justin and Juicy manage to find the cool way to the yellow buoy, justin leaves at full speed and reaches the finish line without any opposition, in the first place. Amy comes across Juicy coming in the opposite direction, when she was about to pass under the tunnel. Juicy noticed that he was going in the wrong direction and turned to follow the path of the tunnel. Vitor fell on the road to the yellow buoy and could no longer continue.

I hope you get fun in this races !

See you all, in the next Laser One race

If any want know tricks to go more fast with the Laser One, I can explain, only come here saturday two hours before the race, and Amy get you a lessons.



Race1 > TNB04 > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – 00:07:37
2: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:08:29
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – 00:09:48 > my result does not count
3: citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – 00:10:36
4: juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – 00:11:42
5: VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – not Finished

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:01 – Last lap: 00:07:36
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:04 – Last lap: 00:08:25
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:11 – Last lap: 00:09:37
citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – Start: 00:00:07 – Last lap: 00:10:29
juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – Start: 00:00:14 – Last lap: 00:11:28
VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – Start: 00:00:27 – Last lap: not finished


Race2 > TNB03 > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – 00:08:28
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – 00:08:48 > my result does not count
2: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:09:12
3: juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – 00:10:45
4: citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – 00:11:03
5: VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – 00:12:28

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:06 – Last lap: 00:08:22
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:07 – Last lap: 00:08:41
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:03 – Last lap: 00:09:09
juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – Start: 00:00:03 – Last lap: 00:10:42
citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – Start: 00:00:01 – Last lap: 00:11:02
VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – Start: 00:00:18 – Last lap: 00:12:10


Race3 > TNB07 > North - 360Β° - 18 Knots - V0

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:05:54
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – 00:09:08 > my result does not count
2: juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – 00:09:48
3: VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:09 – Last lap: 00:05:45
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:01 – Last lap: 00:09:07
juice651 Resident IDBS1CC4 – Start: 00:00:14 – Last lap: 00:09:34
VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – Start: 00:00:15 – Last lap: not finished


really nice duels and specially the wind in second race was very interesting and challenging

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