Laser One Race series - 5 round - Tortuga Nude Beach

Thank you for coming to the five round of the Laser One race.

Congratulations for Bianca and Justin for respective course win

This Saturday we had the following participants

TgBianca Resident
SteveLL Resident
Montserrat Naidoo
citacg Resident
VitorCr Barbosa

Races at medium speeds due to the 18-knot wind blowing from the south west, and which has allowed us in some stretches to reach speeds of 13 knots.

Some pics from meeting before the start race

Ester - Bianca - Amy - Justin - Vitor







Due my continuous crashes, I cannot offer any resume of the race this week. Only the results.If anyone wants to comment on how they enjoyed the race then welcome.

I hope you get fun in this races !

See you all, in the next Laser One race

If any want know tricks to go more fast with the Laser One, I can explain, only come here saturday two hours before the race, and Amy get you a lessons.



Race1 > TNB02 > South West - 225° - 18 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – 00:17:05
2: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:18:38
3: citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – not Finished
4: VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – not Finished
5: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – not Finished

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 – Start: 00:00:15 – Last lap: 00:16:50
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:01 – Last lap: 00:18:37
citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – Start: 00:00:19 – Last lap: not finished
VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – Start: 00:00:28 – Last lap: not finished
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:01:23 – Last lap: not finished


Race2 > TNB04 > South West - 225° - 18 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:10:49
2: citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – 00:11:02
3: VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:04 – Last lap: 00:10:45
citacg Resident IDBSDCA5 – Start: 00:00:12 – Last lap: 00:10:50
VitorCr Barbosa IDBSE2F8 – Start: 00:00:39 – Last lap: not finished


Race3 > TNB08 > South West - 225° - 18 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – 00:07:59
2: ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D – 00:12:08
3: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 – Start: 00:00:04 – Last lap: 00:07:55
ruggeromare Resident IDBSF78D – Start: 00:00:07 – Last lap: 00:12:01
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSCE61 – Start: 00:00:03 – Last lap: not finished


I can say only a bit about the first race, because i had to leave the races after that to prepare my regularly dj set.
I followed Justin after a little sleepy start to buoy 1 and 2 and caught up slowly. On the way to buoy 3 i could pass him and then i had him for a couple of legs in my neck until i could manage to sail away from him a bit. Later some little mistakes let him catch up again.
Somewhere in the south west corner of the course i lost him totally. He said after the race he collided with Amy there and lost much time there. Poor Justin, it was a nice duel until then.
The sims seemed to be unusually crashy for some of the sailors yesterday. In my race i havent had any issues and all went pretty smooth.
hugs and kisses

Starting too slow because I had 4 or 5 screen freezes at the pre-start, I’m catch Ester at purple buoy, and pass her. I heard a STARBOARD, as I was heading south in the direction of the scratched pink buoy, and I checked that I also had a starboard, it just didn’t give me time to dodge Justin coming in ROW. And I collided Justin in the middle of the boat.

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It was a fun race as usual. I had no issues other than the collision with Amy. It was a hard bump making me spill my beer! The workers in the boat yard said they will have the scratches rubbed out and fresh paint on in time for next Saturday.

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I can pay your repaint …LOL

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