Laser One trophy - 2 round - 4 day race - Tortuga Nude Beach

Thank you for coming to four day race of the second round of the Laser One trophy.

Congratulations to Justin for he wins in the both races.

This Saturday we had the following participants

TgBianca Resident
citacg Resident
Montserrat Naidoo

Races at high speeds due to the 21 knots wind blowing from the south, and which has allowed us in some stretches to reach speeds of 15 knots.

Some photos before the first race:

Bianca and Amy



Justin practicing the start

Ester praticing the start too

Start line

Yoli take sunbath at the committed boat



Race1 > TNB04S > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Bianca, Justin, Ester and Amy, after a good start arrive at the blue buoy together. Bianca turns first followed by Amy, Ester and Justin. and heading for the yellow / black buoy. Amy and Ester have a small fight to take second place, and it is resolved in Amy’s favor in the yellow / black buoy turn. Amy starts a chase to catch Bianca who has already take about 10 meters away, Ester gets a little closer to Amy in the turn of the sapphire buoy, and almost manages to catch her as they pass Hades Island. But Amy manages to reach the Red / White buoy before and turns quickly and climbs the dagger getting the precious 15 knots that take her away from Ester’s pressure. Justin manages to catch Ester in the turn of the red / white buoy and moves away from Ester, also with the 15 knots achieved with the dagger raised. Meanwhile Bianca has consolidated her leadership and maintains a good margin over Amy. Bianca and Amy turn the purple buoy without much opposition, but the problems had to come to the next leg, just as they cross the Passoa Island sim, Bianca loses control of her Laser One, and a few seconds later the same thing happens. to the Amy. Both skippers are flying through the sky while watching their Laser One go unchecked by the sim. Bianca regains control a minute later, and Amy is forced to make a logoff. When Amy returns the race has changed completely. Justin who had passed Ester in the turn of the red / white buoy, goes alone way of the pink buoy, Ester has also managed to pass in front of Bianca and Amy, and turns a little later the pink buoy. Bianca who has recovered her boat struggles to make the turn on the blue / white buoy and goes at full speed towards the pink / white buoy. Amy desperately searches for her One laser, finally finds it but gives up when she sees that her boat is completely damaged. and leaves the race.
Justin enters the finish line in first place followed by Ester and Bianca.

Race2 > TNB02S > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

In the second race, Bianca, Ester and Justin cross the starting line all together and fighting to get the best position to reach the blue buoy, Amy who had come out far behind manages to catch the group as they approach the blue buoy . Justin and Bianca turn first and go out like rockets to reach the yellow buoy, Amy is forced to make a turn too closed to avoid bumping into Ester in the turn of the blue buoy but makes a capsizes, and cools with water of the sea. Ester follows his pace to try to catch Justin, in the turn of the yellow buoy Bianca and Justin try different strategy than Ester and Amy, and go south, then have more speed to go to the sapphire buoy. Ester and Amy go straight to the sapphire buoy, which allows them to cut a few feet from Bianca and Justin. when Esther and Amy turn the sapphire buoy and go to the purple buoy, they notice the dance Bianca and Justin are doing, which seem to be dizzy trying to turn the purple buoy.
Well then again they all go at full speed to the red buoy, and when we get to see Justin again making an unexpected turn, Amy can not avoid the collision, and very much in the style of Hollywood movies passes through the middle of Justin’s Laser One, Amy make a jump and reaching the red buoy in a film-like way. after that Justin is penalized with a 360. Bianca who had turned the red buoy and go to yellow buoy with Ester and Amy behind her. Bianca take some meters again and goes alone and turns the green buoy about 20 meters away from Ester and Amy, Ester turns a little too late to the green buoy and is forced to go to the reefs, Amy turns to the green buoy and manages to save the first reefs, then both turn to avoid the next reefs, Amy manages to stand in front of Esther and turns the blue buoy without opposition, Ester in the back trying to regain position. Bianca turns the orange buoy, and due to her lag problems decides to leave the race. Leaving Amy on the turn of the orange buoy as the leader of the race. The following legs do not have many surprises, Amy manages to pass the other buoys of the race without problems, and reaching the 15 knots again after turning the blue / white buoy, Justin who has managed to catch Ester, is about 70 meters from away from Amy, Ester lost her 2nd position due to her lag issues. Finally Amy reaches the finish line and stops the Laser One before crossing it. Then comes justin who crosses in 1st position and in the last Ester in second position. after Ester crosses the line Amy resumes and crosses in 3rd position.

I hope you get fun in this races !

See you all, in the next Laser One race

If any want know tricks to go more fast with the Laser One, I can explain, only come here saturday two hours before the race, and Amy get you a lessons.



Race1 > TNB04S > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Race Time: 0:07:30
2: citacg Resident BSdca5 - Race Time: 0:08:53
3: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Race Time: 0:10:33
6: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Start: 0:00:09 - Last lap: 0:07:21
citacg Resident BSdca5 - Start: 0:00:04 - Last lap: 0:08:49
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Start: 0:00:06 - Last lap: 0:10:27
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Start: 0:00:10 - Last lap: Not Finished


Race2 > TNB02S > South - 180Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Race Time: 0:09:00 DNF**
2: SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Race Time: 0:17:40
3: citacg Resident BSdca5 - Race Time: 0:18:24
4: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Race Time: 0:18:38

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Start: 0:00:02 - Last lap: 0:08:58 DNF**
SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Start: 0:00:06 - Last lap: 0:17:34
citacg Resident BSdca5 - Start: 0:00:04 - Last lap: 0:18:20
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Start: 0:00:12 - Last lap: 0:18:26

** Problems of lag and abandon the race

:sailboat: TORTUGA NUDE BEACH - RACING - LASER ONE trophy - RACE SERIES :sailboat:

The LASER ONE trophy have a total of 16 courses, 2 courses for week, if you scoring at the races and are in the top 3 sailors will can win a prize.

          Laser One races - Scoring - 10th July 2021

  Skipper name             #Course        Score       Total

1 place > Ester_________________TNB04S/TNB02S_______20/20__________125
2 place > Justin________________TNB04S/TNB02S_______25/25__________115
3 place > Bianca_______________TNB04S/TNB02S_______15/XX__________110
4 place > Juicy651_____________TNB04S/TNB02S_______XX/XX__________55
5 place > Melissa Mileman_____TNB04S/TNB02S_______XX/XX__________20
6 place > VictorCr______________TNB04S/TNB02S_______XX/XX__________10


I did a test run along the course 2S before to see how the sim works and i had only one broken cam which i could fix with my cam hud. But the races after that were like a disaster for me.

  1. race: After some duels along the course i could take a safe lead until i reached the boarder to the sim with the waves at south west end of the course. It stopped me there for a long time and then it let me fly through the air. I needed 6 tps and 2 resits to get the control of my boat back. Then i needed to sail back to the course and could finish it at least.
  2. race: I could take the lead after the first buoy and sailed a bit away from the fleet. At the third buoy i wasn’t concentrated enough and turned around it in the wrong way and had to go back ti fix my mistake. Ester and Justin passed me, but on the following 2 legs i could strike back and got the lead back. I passed the orange buoy near the finish line with a safe lead, but on the next boarder i got pulled off the boat without any warning. I tried like always to tp back on the boat but the strange area rules sent me back to the entrance sim. I tried to come back but my boat was returned in the meantime and my race was over.

Amy did a great job including the buoys between the islands and made in combination with the wind directions exciting courses.
But i am afraid its not really worth the work she puts into all this:

  1. I have newer seen the owner or some other officials at the races.
  2. There is still no tp board at the entrance sim with a direct lm for the race dock.
  3. I don’t think the sims will be restarted regularly or before the races. That could help a lot reducing the lag issues.
  4. We don’t see many members of Tortuga sims at the races
  5. Most rezzed boats around the islands are BBX yachts which means to me the interest for any king of racing or even boating is very close to zero. And when i see that most avis stay in the main sex sim of this area i don’t have much hope that this will change at all
  6. I don’t see that the officials push the races at all

Because i know how it feels if no one comes to the races, I will support Amy with these races as much as i can and try to give the others exciting duels. But i decided last night i wont take the competition very serious anymore. Too many technical issues (which could be reduced by more interested owners) kill most of my fun.

hugs and kisses

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A strange day indeed. First I must say I did not deserve the two wins and got them only by the misfortune of the other skippers, especially Bianca. Misfortune also strikes in RL races but I take no pleasure in these wins.

I hate course TNB02-S. I call it Amy’s hell course as I seem to get lost on it and end up just chasing the beacons from the USB card. :slight_smile: Maybe some day I will have time to practice some of these course and learn them better.

I agree with Bianca’s comments. Malifax use to watch some of the races but she is no longer a part of Tortuga unfortunately. And like Bianca I will continue to race as much as I can to support Amy’s work. Well done Amy.


In fact you are right in everything you have set out here.
Malifax helped me them find a landing point on the dock, to avoid going through the door. But if you fall you will return there unfortunately. it’s a pretty stupid rule. In fact, although Malifax found the direct access point to the pier. i think people who could come to the races don’t cross the door when they read so many rules.

As for the other officers, frankly with a few honorable exceptions, the rest have zero level of interest in boat racing. to give an example, to name the buoys, rooms and starting line as ENVIRONMENTAL COMTAMINATION, seems completely unfortunate.

And how races stuff are considered like a enviromental pollution.This force me to hide the buoys and startline throughout the week and make them visible only for 2 hours on Saturday and this is the fastest way I know for the races to fail. because interested people cannot practice the races during the week. An example of this I say is the OPEN REGATTA zero interest by the residents themselves.

As for the restart of the SIm, I have no record of when they do it, because no one has informed me about it.

Yesterday after the Open regatta, Yoli Eve and me, go to take a little sailing with my motorboat in low speed, and when cross the sim of Sex, almost I see more thant 30 people in a event. We dont know how a miraclous way we can scape of this lag.

Amy Pond

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Yes Justin you are right too.

Perhaps on the day that races things are not considered environmental pollution we will have taken an important step, so you can practice the TNB02S Amy’s Hell

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They don’t treasure the time, work and energy you put into these races and so i think they dont deserve it

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