Laser One trophy - 2 round - 5 day race - Tortuga Nude Beach

Thank you for coming to five day race of the second round of the Laser One trophy.

Congratulations to Bianca and Justin for respectives wins in the races.

This Saturday we had the following participants

TgBianca Resident
citacg Resident
Montserrat Naidoo

Races at high speeds due to the 18 knots in the firts race and 21 knots in the second race wind blowing from the south and southwest, and which has allowed us in some stretches to reach speeds of 13 and 15 knots.

Some photos before the first race:

Justin & Amy






Bianca - Justin - Amy - Juicy - Ester

Yoli at the commited boat


Race1 > TNB03 > South - 180Β° - 18 Knots - V2

Justin and Bianca found the right line to get to the blue buoy disputing the lead, behind a little asleep came Juicy and Amy, and in the back Ester with lag problems to control the Laser One. Arriving at the blue buoy Justin turns first Bianca is forced to take the path inside and makes a capsizes, Juicy and Amy arrive at the buoy while Bianca is still cooling off in the water, Amy continues to take pictures to illustrate this post and loses the right patch to get the yellow buoy, at which point Juicy and Bianca catch him and pass. Juicy and Bianca arrive together at the yellow buoy, turn the buoy and Bianca takes the long way doing one more tack to reach the sapphire buoy, and Juicy follows her. Justin loss two positions in the way between sapphire and purple buoy in favor to bianca and Juicy. Amy loses control of the Laser One after passing the yellow buoy, entering the sim of Tavanna island, Ester goes the right way to Amy and regains positions to catch and pass Justin in the turn of the purple buoy because her make a capsizes, Amy is momentarily in the last position. Bianca and Juicy continue the dispute for the first position, until Bianca lifts the dagger of the Laser One and moves away from Juicy at a speed of 13 knots, reaches the green buoy alone and continues the race to the end without any opposition. Juicy loses a few meters with respect to Bianca. Justin and Esther arrive together at the red buoy, Justin turns before Esther and wins the position. Justin also raises his dagger and goes at a good speed to catch Juicy. Amy catches Ester and they dispute the position when arriving at the yellow buoy, Amy and Ester go together until the green buoy and in the tactic to avoid the reefs Amy is able to put itself in front of Ester, Juicy sees as Amy is near him and he could also lose that position, but luckily for him it never happened and he crosses the finish line behind Justin. Amy stops her Laser One while waiting for the arrival of Ester, who finally crosses in 4th position. Amy continues and crosses in 5th position.

Bianca - Juicy - Amy - Justin through Amy’s sail

Bianca and Justin reaching blue buoy, Juicy and Amy toghether.

After blue buoy turn Justin leading

Justin turn yellow buoy, in the back Bianca and Juicy

Justin and Ester heading red buoy

Justin win position

Amy trying to catch Juicy

Ester at finish line.

Race2 > TNB02E > South West - 225Β° - 21 Knots - V2

The second race had almost the same dances of positions, Ester and Justin arrive together at the blue buoy, with Bianca and Amy behind and Juicy a little asleep, Ester takes the lead and heads to the yellow buoy at 15 knots leaving back to Justin, Bianca makes an extra tack on the way from the yellow buoy to the sapphire, a moment that Amy takes advantage of to catch and pass it. Justin is between Ester and Amy keeping the position, all three arriving the red buoy Ester turns first Justin make a mess and lossing distance, Amy catches and passes Justin, and Bianca does the same, all four go on the way to the yellow buoy Ester and Amy does a little bumping, in the Turn of the Yellow Buoy Esther hits Amy’s Laser One and loses the good line, Bianca passes Ester and Amy, who loses a lot of distance fighting against the shadowing of Bianca and Esther, Bianca goes alone with the lead and turns the green buoy but in the blue buoy makes the long way, Amy has regained distance from Ester and catches and passes between the green and blue buoy. Justin goes after Esther and a little further Juicy.
Amy approaches Bianca to the orange buoy, and reduces a lot of distance between the scratched yellow buoy and the scratched sapphire, Bianca takes the long way again between the sapphire scratched buoy and scratched red buoy, Amy reduces the distance to a minimum and they arrive together at the scratched red buoy, Bianca makes a capsizes and Amy takes the lead, raises her dagger and gets 15 knots until she reaches the turn of the island, makes the turns of the purple, and pink scratched buoy and continues at a good pace going through all the following buoys , with Bianca always behind. Finally disaster is present again, in the last crosssim, Amy loss the control of the Laser One, and is flying over the sex beach. Bianca happens the same but regains control, but too late, Justin and Ester caught it and passed, crossing Justin the finish line in 1st and 2nd position respectively, Bianca is third and Juicy in 4th position, Amy is unable to regain control and quite a logout

I hope you get fun in this races !

See you all, in the next Laser One race

If any want know tricks to go more fast with the Laser One, I can explain, only come here saturday two hours before the race, and Amy get you a lessons.



Race1 > TNB03 > South - 180Β° - 18 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Race Time: 0:09:04
2: SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Race Time: 0:10:21
3: juice651 Resident BS1cc4 - Race Time: 0:10:34
4: citacg Resident BSdca5 - Race Time: 0:11:58
5: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Race Time: 0:12:25

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Start: 0:00:07 - Last lap: 0:08:57
SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Start: 0:00:03 - Last lap: 0:10:18
juice651 Resident BS1cc4 - Start: 0:00:13 - Last lap: 0:10:21
citacg Resident BSdca5 - Start: 0:00:34 - Last lap: 0:11:24
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Start: 0:00:07 - Last lap: 0:12:18


Race2 > TNB02E > South West - 225Β° - 21 Knots - V2

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Race Time: 0:19:10
2: citacg Resident BSdca5 - Race Time: 0:20:00
3: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Race Time: 0:20:39
4: juice651 Resident BS1cc4 - Race Time: 0:22:28
6: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident BS7263 - Start: 0:00:14 - Last lap: 0:18:56
citacg Resident BSdca5 - Start: 0:00:14 - Last lap: 0:19:46
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 - Start: 0:00:44 - Last lap: 0:19:55
juice651 Resident BS1cc4 - Start: 0:00:35 - Last lap: 0:21:53
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 - Start: 0:00:24 - Last lap: Not Finished

:sailboat: TORTUGA NUDE BEACH - RACING - LASER ONE trophy - RACE SERIES :sailboat:

The LASER ONE trophy have a total of 16 courses, 2 courses for week, if you scoring at the races and are in the top 3 sailors will can win a prize.

          Laser One races - Scoring - 17th July 2021

  Skipper name             #Course        Score       Total

1 place > Justin________________TNB03/TNB02E_______20/25__________160
2 place > Ester_________________TNB03/TNB02E_______10/20__________155
3 place > Bianca_______________TNB03/TNB02E_______ 25/15__________150
4 place > Juicy651_____________TNB03/TNB02E_______15/10__________ 80
5 place > Melissa Mileman_____TNB03/TNB02E_______XX/XX__________20
6 place > VictorCr______________TNB03/TNB02E_______XX/XX__________10


Race 1: no technical issues for me and so i was nearly 80sec ahead…that was fun and a good race
Race 2: my technical issues came back. 3 of the buoys along the course didn’t rez for me, and i tried to remember with the way point mark to go around them, but i found them directly and they all stopped me more or less. That was the reason why Amy could catch up and pass me. But at the last crossing before the finish line the disaster happened again. It pulled me off the boat and a tp back on the boat sent me to the entering sim, where i had to relog because i couldn’t move. After coming back i sat on my waiting boat and finished the last couple of meters, but much too late.
This area is still a pain in my naked ass and no fun at all with all the lag. I wont repeat the comments from last week but i am really looking forward to the day we leave this area. We are not welcome here anyway.

hugs and kisses

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It’s true the issue of buoys, it happens to me too, without going any further last week I bumped into one of them simply because I did not see it in my viewer. And because the buoys are hidden for an entire week and only visible for a couple of hours on Saturday, it’s as if the server doesn’t remember that are now visible, and sometimes they aren’t seen.

What is incredible of is how to be a mandatory nude sim, some avatars here exceed 75000 in complexity, still naked. This also added lag to region.

Only 6 more courses to go away.

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