Nantucket Trudeau 12M Regatta 21 July

Tonight’s regatta started with five of these majestic yachts in the first race and ended with only two left by the finish of the last one. SL conditions were not at their best. Gemma crashed midway through the first race and didn’t return, Viv crashed in the second and Mike in the third. Palani decided to not race in the last one.

Wind was from due South at 16 kts. There was very little tourist activity and no interference or even close to it. Viv won the first race closely followed by Moon.

The second race saw an exciting duel between Palani and Moon. Palani was able to lead by a couple of boat lengths for most of the race but Moon gradually closed in and finally in the last leg gain a slight lead, less then a length. Palani didn’t give up and with a little maneuvering was able to put Moon in his shadow causing Moon to slow enough that he could regain the lead just prior to crossing the line.

The third race was uneventful with Viv taking and holding the lead.

NYC 902
Race Results:
1: vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – 00:11:53
2: moonglownight Resident IDMOON – 00:12:10
3: justMike247 Resident ID24FD – 00:12:30
4: Palani Allen ID4710 – 00:12:51
5: Gemma Vuckovic IDGV78 – not Finished

Lap Times:
vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – Start: 00:00:22 – Last lap: 00:11:31
moonglownight Resident IDMOON – Start: 00:00:30 – Last lap: 00:11:40
justMike247 Resident ID24FD – Start: 00:00:33 – Last lap: 00:11:57
Palani Allen ID4710 – Start: 00:00:54 – Last lap: 00:11:57
Gemma Vuckovic IDGV78 – Start: 00:00:19 – Last lap: not finished

NYC 2021 A10
Race Results:
1: justMike247 Resident ID24FD – 00:17:12
2: Palani Allen ID4710 – 00:18:28
3: moonglownight Resident IDMOON – 00:18:31
4: vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – not Finished

Lap Times:
justMike247 Resident ID24FD – Start: 00:00:12 – Last lap: 00:17:00
Palani Allen ID4710 – Start: 00:00:41 – Last lap: 00:17:47
moonglownight Resident IDMOON – Start: 00:00:30 – Last lap: 00:18:01
vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – Start: 00:00:21 – Last lap: not finished

NYC 2021 A11
Race Results:
1: vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – 00:21:30
2: moonglownight Resident IDMOON – 00:22:33
3: justMike247 Resident ID24FD – Last lap: not finished

Lap Times:
vivipezz Resident ID_>I> – Start: 00:00:29 – Last lap: 00:21:01
moonglownight Resident IDMOON – Start: 00:00:15 – Last lap: 00:22:18
justMike247 Resident ID24FD – Start: 00:00:21 – Last lap: not finished

The line up for the first start.

30 Seconds into the start of the first race countdown

Viv and Moon on the start.

Moon and Palani dueling it out.


Lovely regatta.
Again sorry for ruining the start of race 2. I misjudged Mike’s speed and made the wrong decision to duck behind on the crossing. Unfortunately, there was not enough room to avoid the committee boat and I ended up in Moon’s way. With hindsight, I think I would have had time to cross ahead. Worst case scenario would have been a penalty for me instead of a collision.
Last race was more eventful than it seemed. After taking a very prudent start and suffering wind shadow from both Mike then Moon, I was 3rd. I chose to tack relatively early to the W. Mike did so first and had RoW when we crossed paths. I was glad to see I had to duck behind him to avoid him: it proved my speed was good. Moon converged to the 1st mark from the E and should have kept clear of the RoW Mike, but didn’t see him until too late, and a collision occurred slowing Mike down. That was my chance to close the short gap and I could take the lead around the mark. The next leg, downwind, was the key in the race.When Mike and I crossed next I was ahead, but Mike positioned himself to cut my wind. I gybed right away, taking a very direct line to the next mark and pushing Mike to the outside so he wouldn’t be able to wind shadow me any more.
Also, I would be inside at the mark. On the other hand, Moon came charging from the back, and managed to hinder Mike with his wind shadow. He eventually managed to sneak inside at the mark and take 2nd spot. The rest of the race turned out to be less eventful. I extended my lead in the upwind, while Mike started having issues, so our positions didn’t change thereafter. Mike did crash out but managed to recover and rally the finish line.
Well done.
Thanks again for the fun regatta. Cheers!

Great pictures, btw!
Seeing the other two 12Ms in the background, I think that the 4th photo is actually Mike and Moon duelling in the 1st race, with Palani and Gemma following in the distance.