New boat at Dutch Harbor: First look

A long-awaited foiling ocean racer is now available at the Mesh Shop in Dutch Harbor.
Once again, Dutch has designed a very nice looking sailboat. Fully mesh with every little details you would expect from this vendor, true to form. Sporting a famous British sailor dark colors, the TMS I-Mocca really is pleasing to the eyes.
The novelty here are the foils: They extend from the sides of the boat hull and provide extra speed as they lift the hull above the water, mostly the front of the boat.
Other nicely done details are the articulated twin rudders and the cantilever keel. All are manually commanded and need adjusting so you get the maximum performance from the boat, as in real life!

Now, what about her sailing abilities?
Well, everyone can run a test on the demo boat and make her/his own mind about it.
Be prepared to struggle a bit at first as the boat is an extreme racer in reality and is a bit finicky in SL.
First of all, the straight tiller works as in the real world: push to turn upwind, pull to bear away. More simply put, press left arrow key to go right, and vice versa. That is the reverse of driving a car. Since Dutch thinks about everything (almost), you can change the settings by a simple chat command if you feel more at ease with a regular steering.
That being settled, let’s look at the engine of the boat, i.e. her sails (and wind engine). The I-Mocca is well suited with a big main and three head sails: a jib, a genaker and a spinaker. Depending on the point of sail, you will have to switch sails to get the best of the boat’s performance.
However, as in reality, changing sails takes time and efforts. First, as on the Bandit 22LTE, you need to drop a sail before hoisting the next one. So to switch from jib to genaker as you bear away after a mark, you will have to drop the jib then hoist the genaker: as both maneuvers come with locking animations, be sure to anticipate long in advance, or hire a crew to do the job while you keep steering the boat.
Similarly, and like many others TMS/Bandit boats of the latest generation (BOSS 4 wind engine), adjusting the foresails also triggers an animation which prevent steering for a brief moment. There is a work-around this: Using locked sails, where foresails are adjusted in sync with the main, doesn’t trigger the animation.
The real drawback for me is that, if you happen to touch the steering as you initiate the change of sails or adjust the foresails, the boat will tend to go the opposite direction of what is wanted! This is annoying when cruising, and really a big issue when racing! Again, delegating tasks to a crew solves this issue.
Now what about the sailing impressions? What about the foiling capacity? Well, don’t expect the same impressions as in the Flying Shadow, this is not a swift cat! Overall, she feels much like an OD65 crossed with a Bandit 50/3. Lots of details and more complex scripts necessarily add to the “weight” of the boat. So first contact at the helm was a bit disappointing. There is a lot to think about (the foils, the rudders, the keel…) so i expect a rather steep learning curve before mastering her.
This is only a first look at a promising boat, and I have yet to explore all her performance capacity and will come back after more thorough testing and more extended sailing. Cheers & Bon vent!


and this is what i did during the last days after it was launched:
Design 1 - Sunset

Design 1: Black-Blue-White

Design 1: Rainbow or some would say LSD-Trip

3 different designs with other color combinations will follow.


Nice colors!
Inspired by first nations designs?

An update already to the I-Mocca, fixing a few bugs and inconvenient details:
"Version 1.2:

  • faster sail hoisting
  • faster head sail trimming
  • faster acceleration
  • no more foiling when broaching or knocked down
  • fixed steering direction when hoisting sail
    Thanks for listening to the customer early feedback, Dutch!
    I will shortly go for another spin to check her out!

BTW the AVsit script from Uggo we all use in the windsurfer to reduce the frozen animations nearly totally works in the I-Mocca 60 as well

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The speed of the I-Mocca is more or less influenced by the heel angle of the boat, but you dont get a value for that in the HUD, by text or on an outside display. Thats why i gave my textures a visible help. While the boat heels watter enters the back and with this you might get a better feeling of you heel angle:

hugs and kisses

Great idea, Bianca!
Indeed the heeling angle is key… Adjust it by playing with the cantilever keel.

My initial rule of thumb with regards to heel angle while reaching and downwind: the more, the better!

The resulting look of the boat on the water may seem awkward, as the leeward back corner is under water while the rest of the boat surges upward, yet it is consistent with pictures of real foiling Imocas.

The jury is still out regarding the optimum heeling angle upwind :smiley:
Cheers & Bon Vent!

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I was disappointed with it on a first run after buying it. But sailed it more over the weekend before last and not sure if it was more realistic expectations or the update that improved the experience.

I like that it is involved to sail with the keel, rudders and foils as well as hiking and the sails and their trimming to master. No wonder they invest so much in autopilot systems to sail them!

I am not a racer, but I enjoy a challenge and the sense of achievement as a reward managing to sail them relatively competently.

After watching some of the videos about them, I have to add they are interesting boats and a perfect inclusion for SL. Dutch has done a great job modelling them and bringing them alive here.


hiya Flo,
i can only agree with you. That boat has many secrets and its a lot of fun to find them out. Sailing this boat now for some days at hotlaps i can say it is really exciting to change little things at it and see how the speed changes. If you use that for cruising or for racing… both is exciting.

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I can only concur with you Flower, as my lukewarm first look report did show: i was a bit disappointed at first. Just like i was a bit disappointed with the FS at first, to be totally honest.
Well, i dont know yet if i will love the I-Mocca as much as I do the FS now, but the boat has certainly grown on me as i am sailing her more. And the update does play a big role in that: thanks for the reactivity, Dutch!
As Bianca rightfully tells, there is much to learn before mastering the foiling bit. Just as in real life, the I-Mocca is an extreme machine, and requires much focus and reactivity to get her to her full speed potential.
Stay tuned as i will post a more extensive review and sailing test of the I-Mocca after doing rounds and rounds at all points of sail trying to figure out her inner secrets.
Cheers & Bon Vent!

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