Understanding the racing rules of sailing, as applied for SL

I believe in rules.
Without them, activities would quickly turn into an unmanageable chaos.
This is true in sailing. In the real world, sailing rules have been implemented first and foremost to protect the sailors and their boats from others’ reckless behavior.
In SL, no real danger ever exists, but rules are nevertheless necessary to maintain balanced and fair racing and prevent races from becoming “bumper cars” events.
However, we need to have a shared understanding of the rules and their implementation, otherwise, some will take advantage of others’ misunderstandings and all will feel cheated.
This is especially true since sailing rules are a set of common accepted principles, with some interpretation needed with regards to each and every specific situations leading to a foul being committed or a protest being shouted.
In order to clarify how to interpret the rules, the RL Sailing “authorities” are contributing a yearly casebook to help judges find the proper balance and consistency in their calls.
As I organized the FS Cup in SL, a match race competition where rules are essential, I have put together a slide pack illustrating the most common cases we typically meet on the water, with some comments about how i would judge the situation. I would like to share them…
Here is a sample, but you wil find them all there: Sailing Rules Illustrations

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